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Trucking Jobs

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Trucking jobs and driving jobs are easy to come by, and that may be the reason that so many people are looking for them. When you know you can quit and have a new trucking job before the day is over, why would you stay somewhere that doesn't treat you right? Beleive it or not, there may be some reasons to stay where you are...

1. Seniority. When you quit your job and start a new one, you lose all the seniority you had. This can affect how much vacation time and pay you get, whether or not you get paid for holidays, etc. Think before you leap.

2. Vesting in a 401k. there is usually a period of time you must stay with a company before you become fully "vested." That means the match he company gives you in your 401k, may not be as big as your statement says if you leave before you are fully vested.

3. Insurance waiting period. Companies normally pay more than half of the health and dental insurance bill. you may not realize it because it is so expensive to start with, but when you leave a company, the company isnt going to keep paying the other part of the premium. You'll need insurance while you're waiting for the new business's to kick in, so you'll probably have to pay the COBRA premium, which will be for the full amount, not what you were paying as an employee. Expect your insurance premium to at least double until the new companie's kicks in. And going without insurance during the transition is risky. anything you catch, contract, or come down with while you're not insured will be a "pre-exisiting condition" and the new companie's insurance won't cover it. Thinking of having a baby? Don't get your wife pregnant while you're not covered. All pregnancy related expenses will not be covered.

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Trucking Jobs

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